Parenting: On Sharing

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Sharing is a tricky topic; oftentimes we, as parents, place high value on our children’s ability to generously share their prized possessions during play dates and outings. But should we force our children to share? An unconventional view, below.  Continue reading “Parenting: On Sharing”

Archery on Valentine’s Day!


Last week, the Checkerboard classroom in Lower Elementary took Valentine’s Day to the next level, conjuring Greek Mythology’s Cupid (Eros) and his famous arrow, which struck Apollo so that he fell in love with Daphne… who was struck by a leaden arrow and so was repulsed by Apollo… and so on. But really, we think it may have just been a clever excuse to get outside on an abnormally warm February afternoon and shoot some targets. Can you blame them? Continue reading “Archery on Valentine’s Day!”

Upper Elementary Studies Dred Scott Decision, Visits Old Courthouse


The Elementary children have been studying many historical and cultural events relating to Black History Month. At the end of January, the Upper Elementary embarked on a field trip to St. Louis’ Old Courthouse to study and reenact part of the Dred Scott Decision of 1857.  Continue reading “Upper Elementary Studies Dred Scott Decision, Visits Old Courthouse”

Black History Month: Events for the Week of February 18 – 24th


In the continuation of our month-long celebration of Black History, we want to share with our community the St. Louis events coming up this week. Please let us know if you’d like to link up with other VdM families to attend any of these special events!  Continue reading “Black History Month: Events for the Week of February 18 – 24th”

Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Villa di Maria!


While each of the classrooms celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday (and we’ll feature a couple of the special events from the Elementary soon), the Children’s House classrooms really went all out! Enjoy lots and lots of photos below.  Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Villa di Maria!”