Campus Revitalization: A Community Effort


This past weekend, the Villa di Maria community showed up, despite the weather threatening rain, to help beautify the campus. Parent volunteer (and former Montessori student) Michelle Peltier took some wonderful photos of the event!  Continue reading “Campus Revitalization: A Community Effort”

Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Joshua Bell


Continuing in our series of exploring the well-known, big-impact adults in our world who attended Montessori schools as children, today we feature world-renowned, Grammy-award winning violinist Joshua Bell.  Continue reading “Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Joshua Bell”

Practical Life: Bead-Stringing


Some of the simplest lessons are the most enjoyable to observe! During the Practical Life work of bead-stringing, a child builds her ability to concentrate, complete a task in a particular order, and so much more!  Continue reading “Practical Life: Bead-Stringing”

7 Ways to Show Respect to Children


Much of the Montessori philosophy stems from a deep respect for children; from respecting their freedom to choose, to move, to correct their own mistakes, and to work at their own pace, to using real words to describe and categorize things, Montessori Guides and Aides work from a genuine place of respect. Here’s why it’s important, and 7 ways you can create an atmosphere of respect at home.  Continue reading “7 Ways to Show Respect to Children”

Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Sean “P Diddy” Combs


Continuing on our foray into the interesting, successful people who were influenced by their Montessori education, today we feature multi-Grammy award-winning musician, rap artist, and CEO of Bad Boy Records, Sean “P Diddy” Combs, who credits his Montessori education with his drive for success: “I feel like I was nurtured into wanting to be somebody special.” Continue reading “Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Sean “P Diddy” Combs”