On Climbing Trees


One thing you cannot help but notice when visiting Villa di Maria’s campus is the abundance of trees of all shapes, sizes, ages, and stages. If you happen to arrive during recess time, you will likely spot at least one or two Lower or Upper Elementary children hanging from a branch, peeking up through the tree canopy, or even reading way up high in the cool shade. Why do we let our children climb trees? The answer, below. Continue reading “On Climbing Trees”

Who We Are: Cortney & Patrick Kelley

IMG_6800 (1)

As part of a series we’re calling Who We Are, we’re working to build and connect our community by interviewing the talented, dynamic parents and staff who make up the people of Villa di Maria. Today, we meet Cortney and Patrick Kelley, and their three children: Clayton, Anna Rose, and Kevin. Below, they share their introduction to Montessori (hint: it has to do with our very own word of mouth). Enjoy! Continue reading “Who We Are: Cortney & Patrick Kelley”

Cutting on Lines


One challenging and enjoyable work in the Primary environment involves real scissors for children ready to wield them. Cutting on Lines can be appropriate for children as young as 2.5, with the only prerequisite lesson being handling sharp objects. Here, a young child receives the lesson from Primary Guide Reghan McAuley on a sunny September morning.  Continue reading “Cutting on Lines”

September at Villa di Maria


September at Villa di Maria is one of the most beautiful months! The campus is a gorgeous mix of color. Everything is still green and lush, with the first autumn colors sneaking through; along with the colorful blooms planted last spring that are nearing their end and the abundance of butterflies that visit them, the hawks that frequent the campus, and the beautiful weather we’ve experienced, September is shaping up to be a real beauty. See what the children at Villa di Maria have been up to below.  Continue reading “September at Villa di Maria”

Montessori at Home: Lynne’s Art Space


Montessori schools have such inviting, calm spaces, it’s no wonder families seek to recreate a similar environment within their own homes. While home is home and home is not a classroom, there are a few things we can do to facilitate an orderly work space for our children within our home. Today, we share Primary Assistant Sophie Andre’s beautiful, inspiring home Montessori space which she organized for her three-year-old daughter Lynne. Sophie originally shared this space on her blog, 琳 CHRONIQUES D’UNE GLOBE-TÊTEUSE on August 19th, and so generously agreed to let us share it here, with you, in addition to a short interview with Sophie about the space. Enjoy, and be sure to check out Sophie’s blog, which is written in both French and English! Continue reading “Montessori at Home: Lynne’s Art Space”