The Littlest Cheese-Cutter


It’s amazing what little ones can do when given the chance. Villa di Maria’s Parent/Child course provides the youngest children with the opportunity to learn how to prepare and serve snacks for the group. Check out the tiniest, most motivated (and absolutely adorable) child as she learns to use a cheese cutter with the help of Guide Cab Yau, below.  Continue reading “The Littlest Cheese-Cutter”

Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Julia Child


photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

Continuing on our foray into the wonderful people who were influenced by their Montessori education (and because today is International Pi Day – really, who better to represent pie/pi than the queen of butter?), today we feature Julia Child: American chef, author, and television personality, perhaps best known for her show The French Chef, which premiered in 1963. Child attributed her Montessori education with creating her lifelong love of discovery and mastery.  Continue reading “Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Julia Child”

Chinese New Year: A Lesson on Three Characters


At the end of February, the Extended Day Primary children had the pleasure of learning about the Chinese New Year from one of Villa di Maria’s beloved parents: Qiaoni Jing, who grew up in China. More on the lesson, and why learning about diverse cultures is so important in Montessori, below.  Continue reading “Chinese New Year: A Lesson on Three Characters”

Every Kid in a Park


With spring right around the corner, we’re hoping you and your families are finding the motivation to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors! For those of you with fourth-years, it’s time to take advantage of Every Kid in a Park, which provides all fourth graders and their families an annual pass for free admission to the country’s national parks, forests, monuments, and wildlife refuges! Find out more below.  Continue reading “Every Kid in a Park”

The Development of the Will: Movement in the 0-3-Year-Old Child


We have discussed the development of the will in the context of emerging self-discipline in the preschool and elementary-aged child, but a child begins exerting her will much earlier than this; in reality, a child begins developing her will as soon as she begins to move her hands, fingers, feet, toes, and head as an infant! To better understand this process, and the critical relationship between movement and intellect in the 0-3-year-old child, we spoke to our Parent-Child Montessori Guide, Cab Yau, below.  Continue reading “The Development of the Will: Movement in the 0-3-Year-Old Child”