Holiday Gift Guide


The holiday season is upon us! We’ve rounded up a list of great gifts for children of all ages that support aspects of Montessori learning. Check it out, below! Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide”

Who We Are: Jeremy Lang


As part of a series we’re calling Who We Are, we’re working to build and connect our community by interviewing the talented, dynamic parents and staff who make up the people of Villa di Maria. Today, we meet Jeremy Lang, our Operations Coordinator and do-er of many things at Villa di Maria! Read more about Jeremy, his adventures at sea, and what he loves most about Villa di Maria, below. Enjoy! Continue reading “Who We Are: Jeremy Lang”



“For children, childhood is timeless. It is always the present. Everything is in the present tense. Of course, they have memories. Of course, time shifts a little for them and Christmas comes round in the end. But they don’t feel it. Today is what they feel, and when they say ‘When I grow up,’ there is always an edge of disbelief—how could they ever be other than what they are?”           – Ian McEwen, The Child in Time



A couple of weeks ago, Lower Elementary Assistant Ms. Sophie brought the much-anticipated new class pet, Chubby, into the Checkerboard classroom. She had been nurturing and caring for the hamster at home for a few days while the children prepared for their new pet, including voting on a name (“Squishy” was also in the running). Chubby was aptly named, and Ms. Sophie received quite a bit of teasing for “overfeeding” Chubby at home, something she insisted she had not done. Alas, Chubby could not even fit into her tunnel, she was so rotund. Continue reading “Surprise!”

Siblings: The Mixed-Age Classroom


We have observed over the years the delicate balance between siblings placed in the same classroom here at Villa di Maria; more often than not, a younger sibling trails behind her older sister, or an older brother encourages his younger sibling during a moment of frustration. At other times, siblings may completely ignore each other, choosing instead completely different groups of friends and only regrouping when they enter the same car at the end of the day! Here, we discuss the benefits of the mixed-age classroom and how it relates to siblings in particular. Continue reading “Siblings: The Mixed-Age Classroom”