Why Your Kids Should do Chores


At Villa di Maria, and other Montessori schools across the world, care of the environment is an important, integral part of the classroom experience. Children quickly learn to tidy up after themselves, whether it is after eating snack, accidentally spilling water, or finishing a lesson that needs to be returned to the shelf for the next friend to use. The elementary-aged children contribute to the tidiness of the classroom with their daily jobs, which they complete toward the end of every school day. Now, new research shows that children who grow up doing chores are more successful as adults. Here’s why chores are important.  Continue reading “Why Your Kids Should do Chores”

Lower Elementary Art Show Preparation


Yesterday, we visited the Upper Elementary boys on their photo hike; today, we visit the Lower Elementary students, who are all working hard on their art projects for the upcoming student art show. Below, a peek into their preparations for this weekend’s show! Continue reading “Lower Elementary Art Show Preparation”

Upper Elementary Photo Hike


In preparation for the upcoming student art show, the Upper Elementary students have working hard to find their perfect photographs. Last week, the students split into boy-girl groups due to a scheduling conflict. Below, photos from the boys’ group photo hike. Enjoy!

Continue reading “Upper Elementary Photo Hike”

Revolutionary War Presentation: Upper Elementary

Back in February, the Upper Elementary students were treated to a Revolutionary War presentation by Captain Roy Schmid, a Royal Regiment of Artillery. The presentation was impressive, demonstrating the sights, sounds, smells, and even the feeling of carrying a tremendous amount of equipment (as one student discovered). Below, Rebecca Callander, Upper Elementary Directress, describes the students’ interest in American history during this past school year. Continue reading “Revolutionary War Presentation: Upper Elementary”

Montessori At Home: An Infant Space


Montessori education typically starts in a school setting when a child reaches around 2 1/2 years old. However, the Montessori environment is also accessible to parents who are just starting their families! Jess Jente, Villa di Maria’s beloved P1 Assistant, who is currently on maternity leave (but returning to the classroom soon!), invited us into her home to meet her new baby boy Sam, and to share with us her infant Montessori space.  Continue reading “Montessori At Home: An Infant Space”