Our Staff, in a Summer State of Mind…

“Summer was on the way; Jem and I awaited it with impatience. Summer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the tree house; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape; but most of all, summer was Dill.”

— Harper Lee

Reghan McAuley, Primary Directress:
I WILL…be working with some beautiful children this who will join me for summer fun in Montessori mornings!  I will also enjoy special time and adventures with my super girls: Ella, Gabby and Brennah. I am continuing my education with two additional courses in Sociology. We will travel, play, and read!  (At least 3 books at minimum- LOVE time to read!  Can’t wait!)
I WON’T…sit still for long…never do.
I WOULD…if I could, be “Alternate Reghan” and leave with my old, dear friend to a quiet, lovely beach far away for a girls’ retreat for four days. Oh! And, add a kayak, please.
I WISH…for the best balance of work, play and relaxation…and world peace.
I WONDER…who will announce new babies for 2017? Really! Always the big surprise in the fall.

Jess Jente, Primary Assistant:
I WILL…celebrate my 30th birthday on a beach trip with my closest friends!
I WON’T…have to miss ALL the children because I get to see many of their shining faces at Montessori Mornings and Camp Pegnita where I’ll be all summer!  But, the ones I won’t see, I sure will miss!
I WOULD…love to spend the summer traveling, but I’m happy to be here, too.
I WISH…the weather would be 75 and sunny every day this summer.
I WONDER…how many afternoons I will get to spend reading by the pool?

Robyn Milos, Primary Directress:
drink coffee while watching my boys catch fireflies.😊
I WON’T…be scuba diving.😉
I WOULD...love a few weekend road trips!
I WISH…there were three extra hours of evening each day in the summer.
I WONDER…what all of the children will do over the summer. What memories will they be making? 😊

Christina Kerr, Primary Assistant:
1.  I WILL…LEARN! I will pass the AMI exams, have a friend visit from Romania and then travel forever!
2.  I WON’T…eat too much ice cream. Promise!
3.  I WOULD…love to go camping!
4.  I WISH…the days were longer!!!
5.  I WONDER…what the summers would be like without mosquitos!?

Heather Steinman, Primary Directress:
1.  I WILL…enjoy every minute I have at home with my family.
2.  I WON’T…get to every project I have on my list (the list is very, very long, so I am trying to be real with myself).
3.  I WOULD…hope Emerson enjoys swimming.
4.  I WISH…time would slow down.
5.  I WONDER…if I can read some good books (not board books…those I read all the time).

Maria Burr, Primary Assistant:
1.  I WILL…go on a family road trip vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park!
2.  I WON’T…be bored. I’ll be busy taking Assistants to Infancy training at Montessori Training Center!
3.  I WOULD…love to spend lots of time with my family!
4.  I WISH…to make lots of Montessori infant mobiles!
5.  I WONDER…what the weather will be like…hopefully, not too hot!!

Anna Schwind, Lower Elementary Directress:
1.  I WILL…read, learn a new skill, make food in the kitchen, take a trip (or two), walk with my dad.  Did I say read?  Those long consecutive hours of uninterrupted reading are a special treasure of summer and have been since childhood.
2.  I WON’T…rule anything out at this point; that’d be premature.
3.  I WOULD…get a dog, but I think that will wait a year.
4.  I WISH…world peace would arrive sooner.  I’m ready for it now.
5.  I WONDER…what thrilling stories about their summer my students will bring back for me in August to relay to me with bright eyes and animated faces.

Sophie Andre, Lower Elementary Assistant:
1.  I WILL…spend 1.5 months with my family, in Provence, south of France (Can you already hear the cicadas and smell the lavender? I can!) before heading to Italy for two weeks (Rome, Venice, Florence, Napoli).
2.  I WON’T…forget sunscreen, sunglasses and bathsuit!
3.  I WOULD…read all of books on my waitlist if i have enough quiet time.
4.  I WISH…for everyone to have a wonderful summer.
5.  I WONDER…if i will be able to visit the archeological site of Pompeii in Italy.

Melissa Urspruch, Lower Elementary Assistant:
1.  I WILL…
travel to the beach and, hopefully, to the mountains; spend some time solidifying our experiential learning opportunities for the MAP this fall (I’m beyond excited!); and enjoy all of the great museums, parks and restaurants our lovely city has to offer.
2.  I WON’T…procrastinate getting some things at home organized during our first week off.  😉
3.  I WOULD…visit Europe if someone were up for adventuring with me (perhaps the certain someone mentioned in #4).

4.  I WISH…my fiance, Dave, and I would have a similar schedule this summer.
5.  I WONDER…if the weather will continue to be as beautiful as it has been for weeks!

Rebecca Callander, Upper Elementary Directress:
1.  I WILL…travel to Michigan to see a bear that sleeps in a sand dune and travel to sunny Florida to see family and collect sand-dollars.
2.  I WON’T…dissect cow-eyeballs or trade Pokemon cards.
3.  I WOULD...accept last-minute tickets to a Nile River Cruise to see the pyramids at Giza. 
4.  I WISH…I could go on the aforementioned Egypt cruise with all my lovely children. I wish I could find the time to take jazz theory lessons.
5.  I WONDER…what adventures lie ahead for the Upper Elementary at Laumeier Sculpture Park. I wonder when Winston will agree to a hair cut.

Hilary Lord, Director of Operations:
1.  I WILL…work in the garden.
2.  I WON’T…buy a dog.
3.  I WOULD…if I could.
4.  I WISH…non-dairy ice cream tasted good.
5.  I WONDER…if it really is the humidity and not the heat.

Karolina Hanus, Late Stay Lead and Floater:
1.  I WILL…be traveling, reading, biking, relaxing and hard learning.
2.  I WON’T…eat too much ice cream.  Sweet cone with three scoops is an optimal portion, isn’t it?  🙂
3.  I WOULD…got on 60 different hikes if only I had time.
4.  I WISH…for the weather to be perfect.
5.  I WONDER...what my Montessori training will look like.

Laura Ceretti-Michelman, Head of School:
1.  I WILL…enjoy hanging out with my children!
2.  I WON’T…wear a dress every day.  Athletic wear, all day, every day!
3.  I WOULD…go away for the entire summer- see beautiful places with no agenda.
4.  I WISH…I could blink and phase one of Villa di Maria construction would be complete before school started.
5.  I WONDER…if I could conjure those powers…