The BEST Last Day of School EVER!

Sneak peek at the student-created team FIELD DAY SHIRTS for FRIDAY! Sneak peek at the student-created team FIELD DAY SHIRTS for FRIDAY!

This Friday, May 20th is THE day we’ve all been eagerly anticipating!  Our annual FIELD DAY and DADS’ BBQ are upon us, Villa di Maria!  

Give a little WHOOP!  WHOOP! as you continue to swipe your calendars clean for May 20th and prepare to volunteer to assist with a Field Day station or come to watch and enjoy your children having a blast with their classmates!

Here is the jist for Field Day and Dads’ BBQ, but please refer to your Wednesday Notes for more specifics:

1.  Thursday is the last REGULAR day of school this week.  Hard to believe…  What a fantastic school year it has been at Villa di Maria Montessori School!

2.  Friday is SPECIAL…in so many ways:
– Arrive as you normally would- all children should be in their classrooms between 8:10-8:30 AM.
– If you’re volunteering, head on over to the Field Day stations for instructions.
– If you’re coming to watch, please wait patiently outside (perfect time to enjoy that hot cup of coffee you picked up on your way to school) until the teachers bring the students out at 8:45, ready to have some CRAZY GOOD FUN!
–  If you truly, truly have to work Friday morning, you’ll be missed!
–  Field Day runs from 8:45 until 11:15 AM.  Tug O’ War!  Water balloon launching!  Obstacles!  Giant Jenga!  Potato Sacks!  And, MORE!
–  Between 11:15-11:30 AM, EVERY parent (whether you have volunteered, watched on the sidelines or spent the morning at work) must head to the Magic Circle and pick up those children belonging to you…and only you.  As tempted as you may be, please don’t pilfer other people’s kids- no matter how charming.
–  At 11:30 AM, the dads who have been grilling and preparing all morning will be primed and ready to serve traditional BBQ fare to all. Well, to all who have RSVP’d, that is.  See your Wednesday Notes for the RSVP link if you haven’t already signed yourselves up.  If there’s one thing that bums us out it’s to run out of food!   Sooo, once you’ve gathered your people, walk on over to the pavilion to enjoy a delicious lunch with your VdM friends!
–  Wait for it…  Wait for it… We have one more activity before the day officially ends… THE BOOK WALK!  After the BBQ, instead of a Cake Walk, we will hold a Book Walk (who needs all that sugar, eh?) for all the children.  Every child who chooses to participate must bring in a new (or gently used) book to add to the book collection from which everyone will choose.  Each child who brings a book will leave with a book.  Kicking off summer reading in style, we are! 
–  The family BBQ/Book Walk runs from 11:30-1:00 PM.  Please plan on attending (and signing your family up for the meal so that we can plan accordingly) to celebrate the 2015-2016 school year with the Villa di Maria Community!

3.  The day will officially wrap up at 1:00 PM on Friday.  Please be sure to collect everything that needs to come for the summer break (including your awesome kids!) and swing by the lost & found area to claim any homeless items.

4.  Teachers, assistants, staff members and, of course, the Head of School, warmly welcome good bye hugs and high-fives, so touch base before you head out!