For Small Hands…

Thank you, Krystle N., for inquiring about the “French fry” slicer included in the Montessori 101 Welcome Bags!  We did not think to address the individual gifts during the meeting.  Apologies for that oversight!

The slicer is actually a vegetable chopper!  One of the many Practical Life lessons in the Children’s House is vegetable cutting (with small cutting knives), and true to all things Montessori, this lesson serves multiple purposes, including:  building fine motor skills, increasing concentration and attention span, working in a logical sequence from beginning to end and contributing to and caring for the classroom environment.

The vegetable chopper is a perfect tool for young Primary children to safely help with meal preparation on the home front!

If you haven’t already learned about the resource, For Small Hands, it’s a treasure trove of Montessori materials for the home.  Definitely check out the online catalog!