George David

Presenting our next Villa di Maria graduate!

GDM Speech

My experience at Villa is like working on a car. While disassembling a car you will run into problems, but when you assemble the car again it is perfect. Villa has helped me championing things I never thought I could do.

In my primary years my favorite lesson was the Geographic landforms because I love filling the little pieces of land then dumping them out and filling the landforms back up. Also in primary, on the first day of school I picked up a squirrel when I was two and moved it over the fence. Afterwards the school called my mom and said I think we have another Steve Erwin on our hands. My mom was freaking out because she thought I was hurt. I must say Villa has allowed me to be quite curious.  My life lesson was not to pick up animals that I did not know if it wanted me to. I suppose this applies to people, too?

My favorite lesson in Lower Elementary was the Wooden Hierarchical material because I loved to pick it up and take it to my spot on the rug and take to other people’s tables. My life lesson in lower el was not to do things other people say to do. One day when I was doing my job “trash and recycling” with Kaylee, we were jumping over the chain above the driveway and every time we jumped over it we raised it higher and higher. When it was two feet off the ground I tripped over the chain and slid across the damp pavement. Ouch! I got right up and went inside. I was not crying until I looked at myself in the mirror.  Then I freaked out when I saw blood oozing from my face. That is why I never did anything without thinking of the consequences. Life lesson learned.

My favorite material in the Upper Elementary is the Cubing material because I can build the different cubes with big and small cubes. I really love to compact and perfect my knowledge. My life lesson in the upper el was to develop my time management skills and meet deadlines head on. I really felt the pain of this when I forgot to compete a task and had to stay in from recess or P.E. and fun things I love. I know that I’ll use this important skill as I continue on in school and life.

I thank all my teachers, principals and friends at Villa for helping me through tough times and all the fun I have had at this school. My car is now complete.

Teresa, the lovely mother of GDM, seated by Mrs. Katie Moore, George David's Primary Directress Teresa, the lovely mother of GDM, seated by Mrs. Katie Moore, George David’s Primary Directress