I believe education is to promote independence and free thought in life. When I first came to this school I only hung out with my Soulard friends and didn’t interact with most of the other kids. My first real friend was probably George. He would help me find stuff all the time and was very nice to me. I have always been very independent and at this school I got to express that more than my old school.

I like to keep a open mind and try things before I fully judge them. I think having a open mind means to not expect things and just let it happen. I don’t have big expectations for next year if I follow my plan of having an open mind. This year has been like a metaphor that I can’t think of. I absolutely love history, it is by far my favorite subject and I have done a lot of reports. I think that the past is much more interesting than the present in so many more ways. Studying history allows me to keep an open mind in the present and have fun in life.