Graduation Speech

Where would any house be without a toolbox? Broken curtain rods could not be fixed. Shelves could not be built. Measurements couldn’t be made. So far, my life has been like a toolbox waiting to be opened. Although I have mixed feelings about departing Villa di Maria today, and have made several friends here, I also want to move on and make new ones. Villa di Maria has made it possible for me to use my natural ability to draw maps and diagrams to construct any thing I want to. I have been busy filling my toolbox.

When I was in primary at Hope Montessori my favorite lesson was the Pink Tower and Brown Stairs; the best part was when the Pink Tower fell. Using these materials I learned how to build and be precise. I learned the tool of exactitude.

In lower elementary assembling and drawing maps gave me the skills to navigate and lead anyone to their destination. Creating diagrams has fueled my passion for architecture. I have a few maps and compasses in my possession.

And finally, upper elementary: here I realized that to build and design well, I need to solve math problems and understand the art of drawing. Several mental calculators and pencils have been added to the box. Thanks, Mrs. Rebecca, for unveiling my art and math skills.

I am very proud of my journey as a student at Villa. This year MMUN was my most proud accomplishment where I learned about world problems and how to solve them. And I got the experience of being at the real UN building. (again, architecture)

I am now approaching Ladue middle school where I will continue to build on my designing and architectural skills. And I know I have the tools to do well.

I would like to thank Mrs. Nidhi, Mrs. LeBeau, Mrs. Rebecca, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Lord, and Mrs. Michelman for making my time at Villa very unique and unforgettable. And, finally my classmates for everything especially for calling me Neeeeeeel.