Working the Bi-s and Tri-s

The Montessori Binomial Cube and the Trinomial Cube.  

Let’s start with the “Bi-s.”

When the Binomial Cube material is introduced in the Children’s House, it’s presented as a sensorial three-dimensional puzzle, focusing on patterns and relationships.  It lays the foundation for cubing later on in the Montessori Elementary experience.  The formula for (a+b) cubed is never discussed, pointed out or made reference to in the Primary environment, but the foundation is poured!

The Binomial Cube in the Primary Classroom:

The Binomial Cube in the Elementary Classroom, learning the algebraic expression and understanding what each cube and rectangular prism represents:

The Trinomial Cube in the Children’s House is again presented as a sensorial puzzle:

The Trinomial Cube with expanded notation for (a + b + c) cubed for the Elementary student: