Meet Mrs. Karolina Hanus

1. Describe your educational background. 

I attended Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland where I received my master’s degree in history, my teaching certificate in history and social science and my post-graduate diploma in journalism and social communication. Right now I’m a student in The Montessori Training Center of St Louis to become a Primary Teacher.

2.  How/when did you become interested in Montessori education?

I became interested in Montessori education… at a Cardinals game!
Let me explain:
I finished my pedagogical studies and earned my teacher’s certificate, which helped me realize I want to work with children, but I definitely prefer alternative methods of education. In the past I used to teach children and teachers about educational media and coordinated educational projects. In 2014 I moved to St. Louis and started looking for exactly I wanted to do in my professional life. During a Cardinals game, Cristina Kerr (a VdM Primary Assistant) told me about the Montessori method. She was so passionate that I immediately started reading about it, collecting information and observing. I’m fascinated by the Montessori philosophy.

3.  What has been the BEST part of your Montessori training/experience so far?
So far all the Montessori experiences have been so interesting and amazing. I’m hungry for more! Nonetheless, certain training lectures have stuck in my mind recently.  For example, It is a gift to be simple and free. When something is right, you will feel happy. You just need to find what calls for you. 

4.  What has been the most CHALLENGING part of your Montessori training/experience so far?

Everyone older than age 4 can tie a bow. That’s obvious. However, drawing a picture, which explains how to do it, is a different story. 😉 Writing sophisticated theory essays or almost having tornado during the nap is not as challenging as drawing the process of how to tie a bow.  

5.  Describe your family.

I grew up in Silesia, Poland and after high school moved to Kraków, Poland where I spent 10 years.  (By the way, everyone should visit-it is a beautiful city!) I have one much younger brother, Paweł, who lives in Poland. My husband, Michał, our two wonderful cats, Szymuś and Antuś, and I live in University City. 

6. If you were to plan a most perfect, relaxing weekend day, what would it entail?

I’d read a good book for an hour then travel, bike, hike- be active!  Then finish everything with some deliciousness.

Your favorites:
– color: blue
– season: spring
– book: all Haruki Murakami books
– holiday: I’ve fallen in love with Thanksgiving
– movie: Ida and Les choristes
– hobby: reading
– type of music: my husband is a DJ 😉
– song: it’s not a song, but I can listen it always: The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett
– restaurant in St. Louis: The Libertine
– vacation: every year in a different place
– sport: I should write baseball, right?
– game: Ticket to Ride
– fruit: 
– vegetable: tomato

If you had to choose ONE:
– rain or snow? rain
– coffee or tea? tea
– pencil or pen? pencil
– morning or night? morning
– ocean or lake? ocean
– dog or cat? cat!!!
– talk or listen? listen
– walk or run? walk
– save or spend? save
– bike or swim? bike
– salt or pepper? pepper
– realistic fiction or fantasy? realistic fiction