Meet Mrs. Mary Eilers

Mary and Gregg Mary and Gregg

Villa di Maria’s “early bird” is right here, folks!
Mrs. Mary Eilers will be greeting our students first thing in the morning, leading our before-care program each day.  In addition, she will be our morning floater, tackling a variety of tasks in all arenas at Villa di Maria Montessori!

Warmest of warm welcomes to you, Mary Eilers!

1.  Describe your educational background and career path thus far.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri-St Louis and was employed with the Missouri Division of Family Services for 14 years. I began in social services, working with abused children, their families and the St. Louis City Juvenile Court. I was also a social service supervisor and served as a Missouri State Daycare Licensing Representative where I managed daycare center compliance with Missouri daycare standards.  For the following 17 years, I was a teacher’s aide and reading instructor at a local parochial school.  I am trained in SPIRE (Specialized Program Individualizing Reading Excellence).

2.  How/when did you become interested in Montessori education?

My daughter-in-law recently completed her Montessori Training to become a certified Montessori teacher (VdM’s very own Lower Elementary Directress, Mrs. Megan Eilers). I have talked with her many times over the past years about Montessori, and it always seemed to be an interesting and challenging way for students to learn. Many times over my years in a traditional school, I found myself and other teachers hurrying students along to the next subject.  I am looking forward to a more child-centered method of teaching, allowing students to take an active role in their studies.

3.  What are you most looking forward to this coming school year?

I am excited to being involved in a community where students actively affect their learning in a healthy, collaborative, unrestricted environment.

4.  What three adjectives best describe you?


Mary and the Eilers men folk Mary and the Eilers men folk

5.  Describe your family-

I grew up in Northwoods, a small suburb in North St. Louis County and attended Rosati-Kain High School.  I have been married for almost 33 years (our anniversary is in October) to a wonderful man named Gregg. I have three adult sons; Steve (Megan), Mike (Maria) and Andy. We are blessed with one grandchild, Johanna (14 months). She is the first baby girl who will carry the Eilers name in 99 years!  My husband and I also have a Labrador Retriever named Princess Zelda.

The Johanna Eilers The Johanna Eilers

6. If you were to plan a most perfect, relaxing weekend day, what would it entail?

My perfect weekend day would be spent with my family, hiking or skiing in the mountains.  We would end the day together with food and drink and play improv games like “Heads Up.”

Your favorites:

– ice cream flavor:  Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia
– color: blue
– season: fall
– book: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet
– holiday: Thanksgiving
– movie: Gone With the Wind
– hobby: gardening & reading
– song: Ziggy Marley’s version of “What a Wonderful World”
– restaurant in St. Louis: Salt and Smoke
– vacation: Costa Rica
– sport: lacrosse
– game: Candy Crush
– fruit: raspberries
– vegetable: acorn squash

If you had to choose ONE:

– summer or winter? winter
– New York or California? California
– cook or dine out? cook
– morning or night? morning
– plane or train? plane
– library or bookstore? bookstore
– talk or listen? listen
– call or text? text
– warm or cool? cool
– save or spend? spend
– coffee or tea?

Princess Zelda Princess Zelda