Ever Wonder…?

How your Head of School spends her summer months?

Well, wonder no more, Villa di Maria!

Summer Highlights by Mrs. Laura Ceretti-Michelman:

Summer break is winding down, and it definitely went by too quickly.
This summer we spent a ton o’ time with my brother, David, and his children, Jack and Kate, which meant lots of good cousin fun for Ben and Natalie.

While still in St. Louis, we spent time kayaking and paddle boarding on Creve Coeur Lake…

Swimming at Kirkwood Pool and the Des Peres Lodge…

and, of course, adrenaline-rushing it up on a trip to Six Flags.  Ben is now waaaayyy into roller coasters, however, Natalie is not yet sold on the awesomeness of a good old coaster ride.

Ben, Natalie, Jack and Kate also attended Circus Harmony’s two-week camp, and man, oh man…THEY LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!  (Side note:  I know Lauren Knight has sung the praises of Circus Harmony, and I wholeheartedly second every bit of praise given to the amazing organization.  Ben and Natalie grew so much from the experience).  

Our big vacation was our annual trek to Florida.  We rented a house in Watersound Beach (30-A area in between Seaside/Watercolor and Rosemary Beach) and enjoyed the gorgeous beach with mostly clear water.  Some days the crazy waves kicked up a bunch of seaweed, so the water wasn’t as crystal clear as it was on other days.

During our stay, we had an adventure when some of us went out on a kayak and some on a paddle board.  Suffice it to say that there was high drama because some of the children thought those menacing fish (Remora) were sharks.  Aren’t Go Pros cool?

One last story to share in closing!  One night my niece, Kate, asked if she could take an ice bath.  I said, “Sure,” thinking there was no way she would follow through.  All of the kids said they wanted to get in on the action.  I wish I had videos of my husband and brother getting it on it, too!  Let’s just say Kate won the challenge by a mile.  Jeremy and David did not.

It was a very summery summer, and the Michelman family definitely had a great time with family and friends!