Construction Progress

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Progress on the construction of the new Lower Elementary building is coming along nicely! A little while back, the children of the Lower Elementary classes gathered with the construction workers and contractors to discuss what is in store. 

The new elementary building will include three classrooms, a kitchen and multipurpose room, a pool house with girls’ and boys’ locker rooms as well as an office, and a pavilion for community gatherings and Camp Pegnita.

This is a sample of the siding for the new building. All of the materials chosen for the new building are environmentally friendly, in addition to maintaining some of the characteristics of the current structures and surrounding neighborhood.

The children were very curious about the construction process itself. They asked questions about the large machinery, such as “the one with the big roller,” which is used to flatten the concrete they have poured. In fact, they were quite curious about all things relating to the slab: the big pourer, the concrete finisher, and whether getting the concrete wet might ruin it (as there were some rainy days following the pouring of the concrete slab). They all agreed that they wanted the job of the guy who operated the ride-on trowel (shown below).

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Each worker talked about his or her job and what they liked best about their job. Questions ranged from what happens if someone forgets to put in a piece of wood, to what type of pencil was attached to one of the hard hats! Amazing the little details these curious learners pick up on!

The construction of Phase I (which includes all of the structures mentioned above) is on target for being complete by May 31, 2017. This will complete on campus construction for awhile before Phase II begins – at least one year, more likely around three years – (Phase II will include an administrative building and a gym; Phase III will include four Primary classrooms), leaving a bit of time for everyone to settle in.

The skeleton of the building is going up fast; since taking the above photo, the roof is now up! One of the most exciting aspects of this space is the grand size — not just of the building, but also of the huge windows which will allow plenty of natural light into the classrooms and new spaces! We cannot wait to see the finished product!

Thank you, Melinda, for taking these beautiful pictures!