Construction Tour

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Last week, despite very cold weather, both Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classrooms were thrilled to bundle up and take a tour of the new Elementary Building. The building has been going up before their very eyes for months, but this was extra special; each child had the opportunity to set foot inside the structure for the first time to see how the building is progressing and to get a sense of its scale. 

Donning hard hats for safety, the children were taken through in groups to make the tours more manageable.

Questions were asked and answered, such as “Will we get stuck in any of the concrete?” and “No, all the concrete has dried and hardened.” First, the necessary details!

Above, one of the workers showed the children where the fireplace will be — somewhere around here, in the library. Being within the rooms was very special — the building is so much larger once you step inside! Also, the windows really are huge!

This worker also pointed out where the play yard will be. The children gathered around to peak out the window and imagine the space — a practice that is getting easier and easier as the building comes along.

Here is the west side of the building, and below, the north side.

Thank you, BSI Constructors, for taking your time to show the children around, and for your patience and positivity while answering their questions!