2016 Winter Concert

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Although we are all probably ready to move forward into the new year (hooray for 2017!), it is also important to take a look back and reflect on all the hard work the Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary classrooms and staff put into the wonderful winter concert on December 21st. The big show, which took place at Keating Center Theater at Kirkwood High School, went off without a hitch, with everyone, great and small, singing and dancing their hearts out. 

The Primary classes started the concert with 8 songs, accompanied by the ever-patient Nathan Jatcko. The children clearly enjoyed sharing the songs they have been singing in class nearly every day for the past month!

After the Primary performance, the Lower Elementary classrooms joined in singing and reciting poetry, quite impressive were the poems about the Mobius strip and Fibonacci numbers.

In-between set changes, former Primary Directress (and current Director of Education) Robyn Milos and Lower Elementary Directress Meghan Moffitt Eilers gave touching speeches about their own girlhood experiences at Villa di Maria, true testaments to the special draw this space has on people well beyond the elementary years. It was a delight to hear some of their favorite memories and what they look forward to as Villa di Maria grows.

The last part of the concert was a very special, very impressive treat, as the Upper Elementary class put on a play about the Revolutionary War and George Washington’s first Christmas at Mount Vernon as the leader of a new nation, all the while tying into current political undertones. The truly amazing thing is that the students completely and totally took up the tasks required for such a production: the costumes (with help from Joanne Brew-Fisher), the dialogue, the concept, the props, the music (with guidance from Nathan Jatcko), and their own personal touches on some pretty great dance moves. It was a joy to watch all the hard work result in such a well-executed production. The students definitely appeared to be enjoying themselves throughout the play!

Well done, Villa di Maria students and staff! And Happy New Year!