Villa di Maria Night at the Magic House

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This past Tuesday night marked Villa di Maria’s Annual Magic House Night! It’s an event all the children look forward to; in the middle of the winter when there is a bit of cabin fever going around, what can be more fun than having the run of the Magic House with all of your closest friends? Below, some pictures from the night, though many children were just a blur running by and were absolutely not able to be contained in a photo! 


Part of the fun of this night is being able to see the younger siblings of the VdM students. Here, two future VdM’ers!

Also touching: the quick and easy way the older students include and help the younger ones. It really does come naturally!

The event, which was two hours long, was supplemented with snacks and water in the main conference room, thanks to parent volunteers. The evening was a huge success, and flew by!

Thank you, Magic House, for having us! We had a blast!