Lower Elementary Art Show Preparation


Yesterday, we visited the Upper Elementary boys on their photo hike; today, we visit the Lower Elementary students, who are all working hard on their art projects for the upcoming student art show. Below, a peek into their preparations for this weekend’s show!


Ms. Megan’s room is working on mosaics. Some are made from scraps of paper, while others are made from beans and legumes. Above are examples of the art form, not actual submissions to the art show.


Part of the fun of working with dried beans and legumes is the sensory experience they provide!


It was so quiet in both classrooms during this work, one could hear a pin drop!


Mrs. Schwind’s room is working on a couple of different projects involving design work.

Ms. Melinda worked with the children on their design work using metal insets…DSC_0342DSC_0128DSC_0118DSC_0091DSC_0093

… while Anna worked with children on geometric forms made from paper.



We’re all anxious for the art show after seeing how much work these children are putting into their pieces. What a fun project!