May at Villa di Maria


The Villa di Maria campus is bursting with color – especially all shades of green – thanks to all the rain that has fallen this spring. There are some wonderful changes happening on campus. Check in below to see all the beauty of spring here at VdM! 


Five beautiful young saplings have been planted on the west side of the Elementary building!


There’s also a new gazebo on the playground, the perfect spot to find some shade on those extra sunny days!


The flowers, fruits, and veggies the children and guides planted last month are filling in and ripening up. We’re surprised this strawberry hasn’t been gobbled up yet!


Here is the new Magic Circle, complete with sturdy benches and plenty of new green sod. We’re hoping it lasts, but we’ll settle for wood chips again if it doesn’t!


A snack in the afternoon helps the transition from nap time to playground time


The outdoor prepared environment is the perfect place to work these days!


All the children, from Primary all the way up through Upper Elementary, have been busy preparing for the Spring Concert right around the corner, as well as the graduation ceremony at the end of the month. There’s a lot to look forward to as the school year comes to a close, and to celebrate what a wonderful year it’s been!