LE to UE Visits


Some of the most highly-anticipated days this spring have been the visits of culminating year students to the classrooms they will join this fall. During these visits, children have the opportunity to get to know the Directresses and Aides with whom they will work for the next three years, making for a more seamless transition in the fall. And just as important, they experience the current classroom dynamics and have the much-needed opportunity to socialize with the older children they will join in a few months. 


During this particular visit, four Lower Elementary students visited the Upper Elementary classroom just in time to celebrate one Lower Elementary student’s birthday! She brought treats to share with the entire class, then shyly listened as the entire class took turns sharing an adjective to describe the birthday girl. This was such a touching moment, as her peers complimented her friendliness, curiosity, effervescent personality, and athletic prowess. What a wonderful way to feel welcomed into the next stage!


Lower Elementary culminating students also have the opportunity to receive lessons from Ms. Rebecca, which exposes both the children and the Directress to each other’s personalities and strengths.


At the end of the day, all students gathered to listen to a presentation by two sixth-year students. This particular presentation was about cancer, and the two covered an impressive amount of information about the disease. Watching the culminating year Upper Elementary students present also exposed the Lower Elementary visitors to the expectations of this next stage. Especially during this age and stage, modeling appropriate behavior and work is an extremely influential piece of the visiting process that sticks with the visitors long after they leave.


Also noteworthy: these kids’ commitment to skateboarding is pretty serious!

We are all experiencing the excitement and bittersweet feelings that come with watching our children and students grow up and move up. As the end of the school year nears, may we embrace every moment!