Graduate Highlight: Seth


We are thrilled to share most of the sixth year’s graduation speeches, in the order they were given during graduation night. We hope you enjoy them! First up: Seth. 


My time at Villa Di Maria has been fun–every year of my decade at Villa, but sadly it must come to an end. Leaving school is like growing up and officially leaving my house because Villa Di Maria is like my home away from home, so it’s a little tough having to leave. Believe it or not, I actually went to Villa before I even got home from the hospital.

My first day of school–one of the scariest days of a person’s life.  So many unfamiliar faces and lessons that I knew nothing about. But as I got older I made some friends, which made it better. So I have to say my favorite lesson in primary was…any math lesson. The way numbers can change just fascinates me. I really liked graduating from primary. It made me feel like an adult.

Now I’m in Lower Elementary. I’m finally 6 years old, and I know so many more people.  Some of them are currently 6th years of Villa Di Maria, but I lost ones that left Villa, which was also a little sad. If I had to choose my favorite lesson of Lower El, I would probably say Abstract Large Bead Frame because my friend Cameron and I made an 8-page long problem, taller than us.  My first year in LE, I of course didn’t know many lessons, but I was pretty good at math and spelling, I could spell just about every word I’ve said so far in this speech (true fact)!  My favorite memory was probably meeting Mrs. Nidhi and Mrs. LeBeau, which made it even harder when they left. During LE, I learned not to just put work away in my cubby, but to finish it because at the end of the year, I would have at least 80% of a folder filled with unfinished work!  And now, I’m finally in Upper El and I know so much more and I have much more responsibility. Ever since I learned abstract math, paper has been my favorite material, if you can call it a material. On it I did things like division to Square Root to even Cube Root and I enjoyed that a lot.

One of my favorite memories of Upper El was when we went to New York for the MMUN. For those who don’t know what that is, it stands for Montessori Model United Nations and I hope the future 6th years enjoy it. One bad part about my trip was when a few other of my classmates offered to take me to the Hershey’s factory and the M&M factory and I refused. I refused because I thought I had to stay with my chaperone, Mrs. Rebecca who was not ready, neither were my roommates Jackson and Luke. But I was ready to go, I was dressed. I had showered and I even brushed my hair. After they had left, Mrs. Rebecca said I could go but I was too late. Also, my friends Gabby and Kaylee got food poisoning, they claimed it hurt… A LOT. I’d say that I learned not to procrastinate because during MMUN, I procrastinated on so many position papers, but not this speech.

Thank you to all the teachers that helped me through my toughest times. Mrs. Milos, Mrs. Steinman, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Mcauley, Mrs. Nidhi, Mrs. Lebeau, Ms. Rebecca, Mrs. Anderson and, the only male teacher I have met, Mr. Justin. Once again, it will be hard leaving Villa because it’s the only school I have ever been to and I’m going to miss every one of you guys.  Thank you.

And thank you, Seth! You will be missed!