Graduate Highlight: Cameron


The Final Chapter

Twelve years, much of it spent with my friends and teachers at Villa di Maria.  This school has been like a chapter in a book, exciting action, unexpected plot twists, and sadly an ending.  But with any ending there is a new beginning, so without further pause, here is my chapter in the book.

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Primary is the first classroom you step into; it’s a pretty big deal for most.  One of the lessons I remember is the frame you have to button and tie.  Another lesson I remember vaguely is cutting vegetables.  A favorite memory as well as a life lesson is hard to discern, because I was only in primary for a few months.  That experience was probably the shortest chapter in my book.

Lower El the first big step into a higher classroom.  My favorite material from Lower El is the Large Bead Frame. In second grade, my friend Seth and I did a HUGE problem on it that was bigger than us at the time.  I liked how you could do large problems, and it probably was one of the main materials that fueled my love of math.  Another memorable material for its size, was the Wooden Hierarchical Material.  I remember it being absolutely huge and lifting it was a real trouble for me.  My favorite memory is from one of the school campouts, where we were playing flashlight tag and only the teachers saw that I was hiding under a swinging bench! A life lesson I learned is that I can do so much more than I anticipated if I used my mind.  Just like characters in a book, you can do anything if you can imagine it…well, unless it is flying; physics kind of applies there.

And finally, the last three years at Villa, Upper El.  My favorite material in this classroom is either the Geometric Construction material, a math/geometry work, because it was really fun to do and I’ve always loved math work.  Or, Sentence Analysis, a language work.  Yes, my fellow sixth years, you heard that right, the dreaded and resented Sentence Analysis work.  I wouldn’t blame you if you defriended me for life immediately, but here are my reasons: it’s fun to find all the wacky parts of language, I have learned a lot from it, and it’s a fun work if you can get into it without gagging at the sight of it (sixth year boys I am talking to you).  My favorite memory from Upper El was the MMUN, which in my eyes, was one of the best experiences this school was to offer.  It was a hard experience, but it was worth it to gain life skills and to get to do things most people don’t get to do, like vote on solutions to world problems in the UN Building.  A life lesson I learned especially in Upper El, and in my everyday life, was to not procrastinate and get the important things done.

As I look back at my time at Villa, it almost feels like I’m rereading a book and noticing details and plot points that had gone unnoticed before.  Villa offers an education unlike any other and I would not be the same without it.  A lot of the friends I have now, that I couldn’t imagine myself without, I have met a Villa.  The academic and life skills it offers can be used in your everyday life and help you in the future.  Some of these skills, that some adults might not have, are being able to hold up an intelligent conversation, being confident in yourself and the ability to be independent.

To end my speech, I’d like to thank the people that helped me on my way and to look towards the future.  First off, thank you to my parents who brought me to this amazing school, to my friends who stayed with me and who I have grown incredibly fond of, and finally to my teachers who have helped me and taught me important lessons.  The next school I plan to go to is the MAP or the Montessori Adolescent Program, which is a great school and provides a good future for those who go there.  I plan to dive straight into it like a new book that I’ve been waiting for months to read.

Every chapter has an end, but with that end there is a new beginning; so with these words I end my years at Villa.  Thank you for your time.

Thank you, Cameron! We wish you the best of luck and you will be missed!