Montessori Mornings


Primary Directress Jessie Braud just can’t seem to get enough of the Villa di Maria children! Her friendly face can be seen all summer long in the P1 classroom as she heads up Montessori Mornings, a camp designed for the youngest VdM children. It’s a wonderful way for the children to experience a consistent Montessori environment so their transition back to school in August is seamless. It’s also an excellent opportunity for them to see their friends, of course! Below, a glimpse into the peaceful classroom. 


The children consist of a sprinkling from all three classrooms, but because the materials are all the same, their adjustment to a new directress or space is made easier. They also recognize each other from the playground and school events during the school year, of course!


Vegetable cutting: an old favorite. Here, a child confesses she will not eat the green beans she takes home; rather, she will feed them to her guinea pig!


The outdoor prepared environment is beautiful on cool mornings. There is plenty of shade thanks to large trees and an aptly placed umbrella. Children are often seen working in the open air, where they now have a great view of the pool house, field, and pavilion (in addition to the new vegetable garden – but more on that later!).


It’s a lovely day for Montessori Mornings. We hope you have a lovely day too!