Villa di Maria: Summer Campus


If you haven’t set foot on Villa di Maria’s school grounds since the end of last school year, you are in for a treat! There are many new and exciting ways the campus has changed since June. If you are new to Villa di Maria, we look forward to welcoming you tonight at the New Family Orientation. Take a look below at some of our campus updates…


First and foremost, there is a new garden on the southeast side of the school grounds! BSI Contractors built the beautiful fence, compost bins, and raised beds that hold sweet corn, peppers, and tomatoes. The space is neat and tidy, and even has its own watering system. We can’t wait to see this garden grow, and to include the children in the process once they are back in school.


Signs are also up all around campus. Above, the pavilion as seen from inside the garden, freshly painted and looking sharp!




There is so much space in the field where the P3 trailer used to be!


There is new fencing up along the north and east edges of the playing field, which will make soccer and kickball games much more enjoyable (you can imagine how many times the ball would have to roll down that hill and into the woods before everyone throws their hands up in exasperation!).


The pavilion, which is even more lovely in person


And last but not least, Hank, who joined his person (Operations Coordinator and Assistant Camp Director) Jeremy for a day at camp. The children loved him so much, and he loved them right back – and let it be known that there are more than a few people hoping for a more permanent school mascot like Hank. We can’t wait to see everyone back at school soon!