First Days of School


The first few days of the 2017-2018 school year have been a huge success! On the first day, the campus was calm and orderly. Other than a huge branch that had fallen the previous night, damaging the pool fence, everything went off without a hitch. We’ll take that as good luck! Below, some photos from the first few days of school. Enjoy, and welcome back. We are so happy to have you!


Primary children were greeted with smiles and enthusiasm by Primary Directresses, while parents gave quick hugs and kisses goodbye at the door.


Many Primary students took immediate advantage of the beautiful weather by choosing to work in the outdoor environment while the rest of their friends arrived.




Most of them picked up right where they had left off last school year! Perhaps they had been planning what work they would choose before they even set foot inside the classroom. Amazing how these eager little ones are so motivated by their materials!


Old friends met up to walk together to their new environment: Lower Elementary! Some were more nervous than others…


Sisters were reunited and found themselves in the same building once again!


The location for recess has changed; while children are able to roam the school grounds more freely when compared to last year’s construction constraints, most Elementary and Upper Elementary children congregate in the Magic Circle for games like banana tag (which, according to Mr. Jeremy, can go on forever and ever…).



Time to line up, according to the triangle



We’ve been lucky to have beautiful weather this first week of school. If your child comes home with the smell of wind in her hair, it’s because much of the day is spent outdoors, working in the beautiful new outdoor environments.


As is tradition, the Great Lesson was given this first week of school. There are plenty more pictures and a full blog post coming up to highlight this very special storytelling lesson, so be sure to check back for that!


Happy first week of school, Villa di Maria. We couldn’t have kicked it off to a better start if we tried!