Last week, during the cultural celebration of Diwali, the Upper Elementary children decided to try their hand at a huge mandala in the south field. See more photos below.


The leftover flowers from the Hoe Down were put to good use! Very little gets wasted around here…


The students started by joining hands in a large circle. Then, Directress Rebecca Callander showed them how to make the circle as even as possible by using a rope stretched from the center of the circle!


Once the children were in place, they passed around bottles of chalk dust to draw the perimeter of the circle.


They made designs, circles within the larger circle, and other shapes with which to fill their flowers. Because they did not have enough flowers and flower petals to fill the spaces in the large circle, they improvised with hay, stones, and wood chips!


Though the children ran out of time to complete their mandala, the experience was a lot of fun, and another example of good team work and coming together to design. Next time, they vowed to complete their work a bit earlier so they would have more time!