Clay Work


The Lower Elementary Racks and Tubes classroom has been lucky enough to have artist Ruth Reese volunteer her time (and clay, lots and lots of clay) to work with the children on a project with clay. Here is the beginning of the process, which we will follow up on as the project continues. 


On a chilly October morning, children help set up boards, on which they place their clay slabs. The outdoor work environment is perfect for this type of slightly messy work.


During this particular project, the children have chosen to recreate geometric solids. They have measured the shapes necessary in constructing their chosen solid, and begin to trace the cut-outs onto the clay for later construction. Figuring out how to fit the greatest number of shapes onto each slab while wasting as little clay as possible was like completing a puzzle!


Each shape is outlined gently before final cuts are made.



Ruth demonstrates how to use the straight edge for even cutting.


We are so excited to see how this project turns out. Check back for more progress soon!