Flower Arranging


Flower arranging in the Primary classroom is such a joy to observe! Especially on a cold, gray winter day, selecting and arranging flowers in the classroom brings cheer and appreciation of beauty to our working and living environments. See more of this Practical Life work below.


Flower arranging is a wonderful way for a child to exert her will; after all, she will choose which flowers to cut and arrange, as well as where to place her finished masterpiece. There is also the ever-important coordination of movement and control: the practice of estimating, pouring, measuring and cutting.


The child begins by choosing flowers, snipping them off, and measuring how long their stems should be for the vase they have selected. There is so much independence and thought going on during flower arranging. And of course, the most exciting part is the finished product, and choosing where to place it in the classroom!


Caring for one’s environment by making it beautiful and cheerful is a wonderful way for a child to feel more responsible for and connected to her environment.



And of course, just as important as the work is the cleaning up and setting up for the next person. Here, a child empties the water bowl into the larger bucket, and even takes the time to dry out the bowl for the next child.


She sets up everything just so, clearing off any leaf or flower debris and arranging the vases, funnel, pitcher, scissors and towel. She is clearly so proud of her work!


Have a lovely Wednesday!