Our First Week Back: Primary in the New Year


It’s amazing how quickly very young children pick up right where they left off after a long break! These photos were taken on the second day back to school after winter break, and as you can see, they hardly skipped a beat getting back to work on their favorite lessons. 


One thing is for certain; the children wasted no time giving extra hugs to their Guides. These check-ins are an essential part of a young child’s relationship with his Guide. Over the course of three years, their closeness only grows, though it might look less like hugs and more like conversations, eye contact, and the blossoming of trust for this very special adult. It is truly wonderful to witness.


Though the first week back was short on sunshine, you wouldn’t know it from the inside of the classrooms; children choose seats close to the windows for the maximum natural light!


Snack time is always a favorite. Children search for their names in a small wooden box, then place their name into the small holder which will accompany them to the snack table. This reinforces the child’s ability to recognize his or her name, and also works to limit the number of children at the snack table at any given time. When she is finished, the child returns both her name and the place holder for the next child while she cleans up her dish and moves on to a new work.




We had a wonderful week back, and are so happy to get back into our school routines!