The Science of Baking Bread


While the weather was still dull, grey, and cold outside, the Elementary children kept busy and even filled the whole Elementary building with the wonderful smells of baking bread… all in the name of science, of course. 



First thing in the morning on one of those cold, gray days, the inside of the Upper Elementary classroom was as quiet as could be, despite being filled with many children – most days start with this kind of calm quiet. As an observer, it is often amazing to me just how quietly busy these children are, right off the bat, and just how eager they are to start working. On this dark winter morning, I was drawn to the candlelight that glowed from one child’s table as she began a yeast experiment. She was shortly joined by two other children, who had been busy with their own preparations.


The experiment, to observe the changes in yeast when heat and sugar were added to yeast and water, was the beginning of their cooking project for the day: to bake bread.


After researching and copying down an easy bread recipe from the computer, the three got to work on the recipe, and soon had dough ready to rise, almost ready for the oven.



The bread turned out beautifully, and look at those proud smiling faces! There’s something so comforting about baking bread in the winter – we are so grateful to have the freedom to engage in these lovely traditions!