Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Joshua Bell


Continuing in our series of exploring the well-known, big-impact adults in our world who attended Montessori schools as children, today we feature world-renowned, Grammy-award winning violinist Joshua Bell. 


Joshua Bell, who has enjoyed more than 30 years as a violin soloist, chamber musician, recording artist, and conductor, was first given a violin at age four, after his mother found him strumming taut rubber bands between dresser drawers. Bell was later the subject of a Pulitzer-prize winning story in the Washington Post, which highlighted not only his incredible musical achievements, but his humility.

From Bell’s official website:

Convinced of the value of music as a diplomatic and educational tool, Bell participated in President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities’ first cultural mission to Cuba.  He is also involved in Turnaround Arts, another project implemented by the Committee and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. which provides arts education to low-performing elementary and middle schools. Bell has performed for three U.S. Presidents as well as the President of China and devoted himself to several charitable causes, most notably Education Through Music, which put instruments in the hands of thousands of children in America’s inner cities.