Campus Revitalization: A Community Effort


This past weekend, the Villa di Maria community showed up, despite the weather threatening rain, to help beautify the campus. Parent volunteer (and former Montessori student) Michelle Peltier took some wonderful photos of the event! 


Just as there is a strong sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of many ages work together and cooperate rather than compete, the whole school community is dependent on the individuals within it coming together for the greater good.


Children used to the values of Grace and Courtesy in the Montessori classroom are eager to pitch in and help in many different situations; here, they shovel and spread newly delivered wood chips to refresh the Primary playground.


Worms are friends!


Thank you to all the parents and children (and our devoted Operations Coordinator Jeremy Lang) for taking time out of your weekend to make Villa di Maria look so shiny and new!


We couldn’t have done it without you!