Famous People Who Attended Montessori: David Blaine


Along the thread of circuses and magic, we wanted to explore one famous magician, illusionist, and endurance artist who just so happened to attend a Montessori school when he was young: David Blaine. 


David Blaine, who discovered his love for magic when he was a four-year-old Montessori student, stops people in their tracks with his illusions and mastery of magic. Among his many fantastical stunts is his 2006 performance, during which he lived for seven days in an eight-foot sphere of water while breathing through an air tube. Before that, his previous stunts include “encasing himself in a block of ice for 62 hours, standing atop an 80-foot pole for 35 hours and burying himself in a plexiglass coffin for seven days without food or water.” (NY Times)

While we aren’t condoning our children to push the limits quite in the same way Blaine does, we can certainly stand in awe of his ability to think outside the box, train and understand the human body in a way many scientists are fascinated with, and to continue to be curious at any age!