Famous People Who Attended Montessori: Devi Sridhar


Today, in our quest to feature the amazing, brilliant, and influential people who attended Montessori school as children, we feature Devi Sridhar, the youngest-ever American Rhodes scholar, author, Oxford research fellow, and professor on global health politics. Her latest book, Governing Global Health, was co-written with Chelsea Clinton (who was also a former Montessori student!). 

maxresdefaultDevi Sridhar, a former Montessori student, has found tremendous success in her field; her areas of expertise include understanding the complexities of how international health organizations work, the financing of global public health and developing better tools for priority-setting in global health management. By the age of 18, she already spoke five languages, played tennis and the violin expertly, and had co-written a book on Indian mythology. She went on to become the youngest Rhodes Scholar in the program’s 100-year history. Interested in health as a young person, she now directs CEG’s global health governance project and is a professor and chair of Global Public Health at Edinburgh Uni Medical School.