Preparing the Environment…

The prepared environment is central to Montessori theory and crucial to its practice. Each environment is specially designed to meet the needs of the children who occupy it. Our guides, assistants and staff have been working tirelessly to prepare each of our environments for the children. And we cannot wait for them to come!

In preparing the environments, guides have taken into consideration everything from the sequence of the materials to the natural light in the room. They have contemplated daily routines, how the children will move through the room, and placement of artwork.  Each decision was made while holding central the needs of the children.

It is not just the physical space which has been prepared. The guides, assistants and staff have also been preparing themselves through the summer and over the past few weeks in particular.

Preparation of the adult is an ongoing process. It requires self-reflection and conscious work so that we offer the best of ourselves to the children. Self-preparation takes many different routes. Some read books, some catch up on much needed self-care, some attend lectures or workshops. As a whole, the staff has engaged in anti-bias, anti-racist training. All of this work is to bring our best selves to your children.

Our guides do not model perfection but rather curiosity, kindness, and a friendliness toward error which results in true learning and resiliency. Guides model human beings who choose to walk on the path toward reaching their potential. This is the very path on which we invite the children to join us. It’s the path we lay for them by preparing the environment.

Welcome and welcome back!

All photography is thanks to Melinda Smith.