Lower Elementary Overnight…

After weeks of thoughtful planning, last weekend the night finally arrived for the Lower Elementary Overnight.

The planning work for this event cannot be understated. The children took on every aspect of preparation. Based on self-identified interests, they were divided into committees: Communications, Games, Breakfast, Campfire, Music, Story Telling, Tent Assembly and Random Tent Distribution.

Music committee practiced songs to lead as part of the evening entertainment.
Breakfast committee planned and prepared a healthy breakfast for the morning after the Overnight.
Pumpkin muffins!

From Lower Elementary Guide Ms. Megan’s description of committee meetings, it’s easy to see how many social (read: life!) skills the children gain from this experience.  She shares, “If you were to sit and observe a committee meeting, you would see charts, maps, surveys and graphs. You would not only hear the children’s thoughts and ideas, but persuasive arguments, disputes, negotiations and compromises. You would get a sense of how deeply responsible the children feel about their individual tasks and how eager they are to contribute to their small society. Watching the community come together through this activity is inspiring!”

Planning the Overnight gives the children a greater sense of ownership over the entire event.  It is no wonder that the excitement was palpable as the children arrived for their adventure!
Children brought sleeping bags and backpacks (filled with the items from the packing list that the Communications committee sent home!).
Flashlight tag is a perennial favorite at the Overnight.
Time with friends, building community outside of the classroom, the conversations that only happen by the light of a lantern… This is the Overnight.
Magical, right?

Thank you Melinda for the photos!