Parenting is fraught with mistakes, big and small. They are an inevitable part of the journey. When we mess up as parents, whether it’s losing our temper or dropping the ball, it can be incredibly disquieting. We need to find a way to gracefully navigate making mistakes as a parent.

We shouldn’t abdicate responsibility for our mistakes, however many of us beat ourselves up over our every failing, shortcoming or momentary slip. I’m going to suggest that we instead embrace forgiveness. Yes, you’ve made a mistake. Yes, you can find a way to move forward. Let’s make an effort as parents to deal with our mistakes in a manner that we’d want our children to emulate as they inevitably face their own shortcomings. Show them how to face imperfection.

Treat yourself the way you would like your child to treat themselves. Your child is learning from you just how hard to be on themselves. Take responsibility, find a good solution and forgive yourself.

All photographic credit is due to Erin Drago.