Fostering a Love of Reading

Most of you reading this post have already been inundated with the importance of reading to your children from very early on. Many probably follow the 20 or 30 minutes daily rule to foster a love of reading in your child.

Reading to your children is wonderful. Please keep doing it. If you’re not already in the habit of reading to your child every day, start the habit now! Bedtime is the classic time but for those children who wake extra early, morning reading can be a great way to enter the day. Any time that works for you family is a good time.

Another powerful way to foster a love of reading in your child is to simply read yourself. Pick up a book and read – to yourself, by yourself – and let them see you doing it. Children emulate what we do. They learn how to navigate the world from us. So, if you want reading to be part of their lives, make it a part of your life in such a way that they can see it.

Many adults read at night before bed, and as relaxing as this may be for us, our children do not typically observe this part of our day. So, yes this is your excuse to let the dishes sit in the sink and read. Show your children the magic of being caught in a book so good that you can’t put it down.¬†When you’re sitting in line at dismissal pick up your book instead of your phone. Make regular trips with your children to the library and make sure they know that at some point it’s your turn to look through the stacks for books or pick up the books you’ve requested. Read. Just like they will want to play on your phone if they see you on your phone… they will also want to know the magic of books if they see that it’s a part of your life. Let reading permeate the culture of your family.

Thank you Melinda for all your mad photo taking skills.