Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We are delighted to welcome new families into our community as we gear up for a glorious spring semester at Villa di Maria!

The new year is often a time when folks embrace change and take ownership of different parts of their lives or routines. While these changes and shifts can happen at any time, there’s something about the newness of the year which inspires us and boosts our motivation.

The new year can also be a good time to revisit our children’s routines. Below please find a few blog posts to reflect on in terms of rebooting some of your routines at home. While too much change can be overwhelming for young children, they can handle more change when the adjustments allow routines to better meet their needs!

Here’s to a fantastic 2019!

Mornings, Screens and a Bit on Executive Functions…

Lunch… (Part 1)

The Importance of Sleep, + 5 Tips to Establishing Good Sleep Habits

Thanks to Melinda Smith for the photograph!