Snow Days, School Days…

Yes, it’s still cold here in St. Louis… The children are generally undaunted by the weather though and make the most of whatever Mother Nature hands them. There isn’t quite this much snow on ground anymore but look what joy the children have taken in our campus this winter!

We are so lucky that our campus allows for sledding! Elementary children bring their sleds and take off with their friends on our (moderate!) hill.

A first year child’s first experience of this Elementary privilege.

There are outdoor attire rules… I’m guessing the child’s hood just flew off mid-sledding…

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Recess is, of course, fun and provides lots of time for the gross motor movement and is so great for children. But, this movement is not limited to recess, and the snow and cold doesn’t stop the children from getting their work done.

“The child’s instinct confirms the fact that work is an inherent tendency in human nature; it is the characteristic instinct of the human race.” -Dr. Montessori

Let me once again proclaim the photographic brilliance of Melinda Smith! Thank you, Melinda!