Spring is (finally!) in the air. The rain will come and go, but we will soak in every drop of sunshine we can get!

While everyone made the most of the snow and cold weather, the warmer weather is beyond welcome!

Extended Day is enjoying their treat of playing in the tree just outside the playground. This is a magical place… just beginning to move from the Children’s House playground but not quite to the Elementary space.

Forts continue to be built and rebuilt.

Appropriately, this fort is building a patio! Who doesn’t want to spend a Spring day on the patio?

Stone gathering for the patio.

There are pretty high standards for the sticks used in some of the forts!

Epic games of Ultimate Frisbee are underway.

And lots and lots of tree climbing!

Thank you Mary Eilers for this photo!

Spring will continue to be enjoyed in all of its states so make sure your child has a change of clothes (Elementary as well as Children House – these children play hard in the mud!), boots and raincoats when appropriate. Happy Spring!