Last Friday the Elementary children had an adventure of an afternoon hopping from one room to another learning about Passover. The Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classrooms were mixed together and divided into four groups to enable a full mixed-aged, cross-classroom experience.

In the Great Room, the children learned a traditional dance from our skilled PE teacher, Diana Barrios. The graceful movements came together with the music and the children (as always!) enjoyed moving their bodies with purpose.

In the Racks and Tubes classroom they tasted a variety of Jewish foods. Latkas and toppings were prepared by the children that morning!

Photo Credit: Shannon O’Connell

The Upper Elementary classroom offered a hands on experience, making an  Elijah’s cup, after hearing about the ceremonial cup being left out at the Seder meal.

The final, and perhaps favorite station was in the Checkerboard classroom where parent, Dan Sweeney, shared the story of Passover. He warmed the students up by teaching them how to make some of the sounds of the Hebrew language and encouraging them to repeat the sounds all day. From there he delved into the story of Passover, leaving ample openings for children to chime in with what they knew or what they had questions about. They were rapt with his storytelling and fully engaged when he invited them to taste matzos and sparkling grape juice. He ended the session by showing what is served at a traditional Seder meal and explaining what each food symbolizes.

The afternoon was an opportunity for some children to share their traditions and for others to learn something new. Our thanks to Dan, Diana, the entire Elementary staff, and Jade Venditte for putting this rich experience together for our children!