Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Coming off a fabulously successful Give STL Day (thanks to all of you!), let’s take a look at teamwork and collaboration at Villa di Maria.

In Montessori we talk a lot about individuality. Children working at their own pace, children being met where they are, children learning through topics that interest them… But, collaboration is vital to any community’s success and a crucial life skill for individuals.

Opportunities to practice teamwork – hand in hand with opportunities to practice negotiating the difficulties that can arise when working with others – are omnipresent in the Montessori environment. These experiences and the tools that children gain from them, prepare children for life beyond school.

From carrying heavy objects to research to experiments, teamwork makes the dream work! We know this for our children, and we see it in our greater Villa di Maria community. Thank you for being part of our team!

Photo credit to Jessie Braud and Melinda Smith.