The Summer Reboot

Summer is on its way! Whether your child is headed to a summer at Camp Pegnita, days and days at home, or a combination of the two, life will work a little differently over the next few months.

One way to frame the upcoming shift to summer is to think of a summer reboot. The idea is simple; use this change of routine as an excuse to work on (some of) the things in the life of your family that need a little love and attention.

Take some time in this week before summer break to think about what is frustrating, what’s just not working, or where growth is needed. Here are a few examples…. If table manners are driving you crazy make them your goal for the summer. If you’re wanting your child to take on laundry or making their own breakfast, change the expectations for summer. Maybe it’s time to share the task of doing dishes?

Then go ahead and stop worrying about these things for the last week of school. The end of the year is hectic enough, let things slide knowing that you’ll be working on them soon enough.

A short guide to making a go of the summer reboot:

1) Be conscientious about how much you choose to work on over the summer. Depending on what your summer projects are one or two might be plenty. If you’re choosing smaller things (putting away your shoes, washing your hands *every* time you use the bathroom), you might be able to do three.

2) Make a manageable plan of how you’re going to address these over the summer. For example, if you want to address table manners perhaps pick one meal to focus on. If you’re working on laundry independence, take some time to make sure your set up allows for success.

3) When you’ve made a plan – or just sketched out ideas – hold a family meeting. Gather everyone together and talk about the summer. Perhaps you’ll take time to make a summer bucket list – going to the art museum, swimming, etc. Goals such as everyone doing their own laundry fit nicely into these types of conversations and lend to the understanding that summer brings many different things. Then give your children the chance to come up with tools or strategies to make the summer goals successful.

4) Over the summer remember that what you’re working on is what you’re working on. You can’t adjust everything at once. Keep focused on your goals and give your child – and yourself – the time to be successful.

The reboot doesn’t have to be relegated to summer. There’s the new school year reboot, the birthday reboot (“Well, when you turn (fill in the blank age) next week you’ll be old enough to unload the dishwasher!”), the half-birthday reboot…

Good luck!

Melinda, your photos need no rebooting! They perfectly capture the lives of these beautiful children.