Now Welcoming Children 14 Months to 3 Years!

photo credit: Jess Jente

It follows that at the beginning of his life the individual can accomplish wonders—without effort and quite unconsciously. Dr. Maria Montessori

We are thrilled to announce our newest program, the Young Children’s Community (YCC), will open its doors this fall! The YCC will serve children ages 14 months to 3 years Monday through Friday year round. Now enrolling!

The YCC curriculum is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to aid children in the development of language, speech, motor skills and socialization. The environment also allows children opportunities to practice control over their bodies as they are encouraged to dress, eat and use the toilet independently. Children nap as needed and eat together in the environment. The morning program ends at 1:00 p.m., and optional extended afternoon care in the environment is offered at an additional cost.

The program will be led by Guide Reghan McAuley, who is AMI-certified in Assistants to Infancy. Reghan led the P1 Children’s House for a decade and is thrilled to be moving into her new role. She’ll be joined by her longtime Children’s House Assistant, Jess Jente. Reghan and Jess are dedicated to nurturing each child’s needs with grace, love and understanding, and we are proud to have them piloting our YCC program.

We are now enrolling in the YCC, but space is limited. We encourage any family interested in the program now or in the near future to complete an online inquiry form here. For parents of children younger than 14 months, please note that a future-enrollment list has already been started, so don’t miss your chance to jump on!

For more information about the YCC program, including tuition and fees, click here.