Introducing Melissa Fox

Community, by Cab Yau, February 21, 2019,

It is with great joy that we introduce the newest member of our team. Melissa Fox joined the VdM community in January as our resident Reading Specialist. Melissa has been diligently working to support the children in our environments. We are so happy to have her! Describe your educational background.   I earned a Bachelor’s Degree … Continue reading “Introducing Melissa Fox”

Alumna Spotlight

Community, by Cab Yau, February 12, 2019,

As our children progress through Montessori environments we delight in their growth and development. It’s worth noting though that this development does not just aid them as children, rather it forms a strong foundation for their whole lives.  At times this connection can be difficult to see – we take a leap of faith that … Continue reading “Alumna Spotlight”


Community, by Cab Yau, January 29, 2019,

As the temperature dives and the windchill plunges, let’s take a look at the joy and warmth in the prepared environment. Below is a glimpse into lemon squeezing in the Parent-Child community. This is great food preparation work to try at home! We can just imagine that this lemon juice is being made into lemonade … Continue reading “Lemons…”

Historical Connections

Community, by Cab Yau, January 21, 2019,

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week Villa di Maria was fortunate to host actor Erika Roberts from the Missouri History Museum’s ACTivist program. She graced us with four sessions individually tailored toward our Extended Day through Upper Elementary children. She subtly shifted the depth of each presentation based on the age of the children. The … Continue reading “Historical Connections”