Hoe Down!

Community, by lauren, October 16, 2017,

This past weekend, Villa di Maria celebrated its 50th Anniversary on a beautiful evening with a hoe down! There was live music, line dancing, great food, drinks, and wonderful company. See a whole heap ‘o photos below! Related posts: Get Ready for the Hoedown! Villa di Maria staff, parents, and alumni: you don’t want… Who … Continue reading “Hoe Down!”

Modeling and Facilitating Conflict Resolution: What Parents Can Do at Home

Community, by lauren, October 12, 2017,

During the first Elementary Parent Education Night here at Villa di Maria, Directresses Megan Eilers, Anna Schwind, and Rebecca Callander discussed “Conscious Social Growth of the Elementary Child,” including the complex characteristics of the 2nd plane child. While an attempt to recap the fantastic, informative (and indisputably entertaining) evening would certainly fall short, an important … Continue reading “Modeling and Facilitating Conflict Resolution: What Parents Can Do at Home”

The Fort Builders

Community, by lauren, October 5, 2017,

The Fort Builders use muscle and mental power, individual and communal strength; they make rules, break rules, argue, agree, build, and imagine. There is more involved than first meets the eye in building these forts – these spaces that children return to, build on to, and take pride in time and time again. Below, a … Continue reading “The Fort Builders”