The BEST Last Day of School EVER!

Community, by admin, May 19, 2016,


This Friday, May 20th is THE day we’ve all been highly anticipating!  Our annual FIELD DAY and DADS’ BBQ are upon us, Villa di Maria!  Give a little WHOOP!  WHOOP! as you continue to clear your calendars for the big day and prepare to volunteer to assist with a Field Day station or come to watch and enjoy your children having a blast with their classmates!

Madame Sophie

Community, by admin, May 10, 2016,

Marguerite, a VdM Lower Elementary third year student, deserves every ounce of credit for this blog post!  She (pictured above, holding the dry erase board) enthusiastically suggested highlighting the French lessons taught by our Lower Elementary Assistant, Mrs. Sophie Andre.  Bonne idee!  Bien sur!