Community, by admin, May 23, 2016,

Each of our 6th year students delivered a personal speech Friday eve at the beginning of the graduation ceremony, reflecting upon his/her time at Villa di Maria.  Our graduates highlighted those memorable moments, beloved Montessori lessons and interpersonal experiences that stood at the forefront- ones they feel they’ll carry with them as they transition into new environments this fall.

The BEST Last Day of School EVER!

Community, by admin, May 19, 2016,


This Friday, May 20th is THE day we’ve all been highly anticipating!  Our annual FIELD DAY and DADS’ BBQ are upon us, Villa di Maria!  Give a little WHOOP!  WHOOP! as you continue to clear your calendars for the big day and prepare to volunteer to assist with a Field Day station or come to watch and enjoy your children having a blast with their classmates!