Spring Break Shout Outs!

Community, by admin, March 2, 2016,

Wherever you go, whatever you do, we would LOVE, LOVE, TRIPLE LOVE to receive photo ops of your family fun with a special request incorporated into photo.  In some unique (or not so unique) way, weave the letters, V, D, M into your picture.  Get those creative (or not so creative) juices flowing (your choice) and share those spring break moments with your favorite school!


Community, by admin, February 23, 2016,

Interviewed our rock star Director of Villa di Maria Montessori School, Mrs. Laura Ceretti-Michelman. 
For kicks.  
Giving her minimal time to respond.  
Here’s what she had to say:  

Mini Montessorians

Community, by admin, February 18, 2016,

If you could flash back to a tinier version of yourself and place that mini-you in your very own classroom at Villa di Maria as an enthusiastic Montessori student, what lesson would MOST intrigue you and why?