Community, by lauren, December 11, 2017,

A couple of weeks ago, Lower Elementary Assistant Ms. Sophie brought the much-anticipated new class pet, Chubby, into the Checkerboard classroom. She had been nurturing and caring for the hamster at home for a few days while the children prepared for their new pet, including voting on a name (“Squishy” was also in the running). … Continue reading “Surprise!”

Happy Thanksgiving from Villa di Maria

Community, by lauren, November 23, 2017,

We hope you and yours are healthy, well-rested, and getting ready to stuff yourselves silly! Below, a touching reflection by Upper Elementary Guide Rebecca Callander about the special Thanksgiving celebration in the Elementary building last Friday, in addition to Thanksgiving-related poetry accompanied by beautiful photos by Lower Elementary Assistant Melinda Smith. Thank you for your … Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving from Villa di Maria”

The Role of the Adults in the Montessori Environment

Lower Elementary, by lauren, November 17, 2017,

Not enough is said about the adults – in particular, the Guides and the Aides – in the Montessori classroom, and I wonder if there can ever be the right words to express the kind of commitment, intensive training, daily practice of patience and presence, and mindful dedication that this team tirelessly exhibits while working … Continue reading “The Role of the Adults in the Montessori Environment”