Teepee Town

Lower Elementary, by lauren, March 6, 2018,

Blocked from the view of the driveway by the pool house is a special place the Elementary children have dubbed “Teepee Town.” Take a look at the impressive structures they have built from the sticks they have gathered from the woods!  Related posts: The Fort Builders The Fort Builders use muscle and mental power, individual … Continue reading “Teepee Town”

Moving our Bodies

Lower Elementary, by lauren, March 1, 2018,

Children (and adults) need to move their bodies, especially in the winter months when they are cooped up inside for longer than they would like to be. Physical exercise is crucial to healthy growth, in addition to helping our intellectual side through stimulating creativity and increasing concentration. Get a glimpse into one of VdM’s Lower … Continue reading “Moving our Bodies”

February 2018 at VdM

Community, by lauren, February 27, 2018,

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is already the last day of February! Below, a recap of the month at Villa di Maria.  Related posts: Black History Month: Events for the Week of February 4 – 10th Happy Black History Month from all of us at Villa… Black History Month: Events for the Week of … Continue reading “February 2018 at VdM”