The Fort Builders

Community, by lauren, October 5, 2017,

The Fort Builders use muscle and mental power, individual and communal strength; they make rules, break rules, argue, agree, build, and imagine. There is more involved than first meets the eye in building these forts – these spaces that children return to, build on to, and take pride in time and time again. Below, a … Continue reading “The Fort Builders”

The Great Lessons

Lower Elementary, by lauren, September 7, 2017,

“No matter what we touch, an atom, or a cell, we cannot explain it without knowledge of the wide universe.  What better answer can be given to those seekers for knowledge?  It becomes doubtful whether even the universe will suffice.  How did it come into being?  How will it end?  A greater curiosity arises, which … Continue reading “The Great Lessons”


Community, by lauren, September 5, 2017,

Welcome to the second week of school! We hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend. Don’t forget to check your email under last week’s Wednesday Notes for this week’s upcoming events: the Parent Association meeting on Thursday and Coffee in the Cabin on Friday. We’d love to have extra parents involved this year, especially as … Continue reading “Reading”