Mentoring in the Elementary Classroom

Lower Elementary, by admin, January 9, 2017,

Mentoring takes many forms in the Montessori classroom, and even across classroom boundaries. Here at Villa di Maria, mentoring takes place on both an unconscious level and under more formal circumstances. Rebecca Callander, Directress of VdM’s Upper Elementary classroom, took the time to explain.┬áThe young lady in purple is one of the oldest students at … Continue reading “Mentoring in the Elementary Classroom”

Construction Tour

Community, by admin, December 19, 2016,

Last week, despite very cold weather, both Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary classrooms were thrilled to bundle up and take a tour of the new Elementary Building. The building has been going up before their very eyes for months, but this was extra special; each child had the opportunity to set foot inside the structure … Continue reading “Construction Tour”