One More Look…

Children's House, by Cab Yau, May 24, 2019,

Posting twice a week, it’s impossible to share all of the beauty of this past academic year. The year has been full of big work, friendship, learning and lots of community. There have been points of shining brilliance and points that showed us where we needed to grow. It’s been a beautiful year. Thank you … Continue reading “One More Look…”


Lower Elementary, by Cab Yau, May 20, 2019,

Our thanks to Elementary Guide, Anna Schwind, from the Montessori Lab School at Grand Center who shared the below words. Last week she brought her third year children to join Villa di Maria’s in a cross-classroom, multi-school, squid dissection. It is almost summer time.  Children feel the warmth in the air, note that daylight lasts … Continue reading “Dissection!”