The Magic of Read-Aloud

Lower Elementary, by admin, November 3, 2016,

Reading out loud to children facilitates their readiness for formal reading instruction in oral language, concepts of printed words, and phonemic awareness — the development of which provides a strong foundation for supporting literacy in the early school years. But this cherished reading time is more than academic; it’s absolutely magical. Related posts: On Spelling … Continue reading “The Magic of Read-Aloud”

The Role of the Contrarian in the Lower Elementary Classroom

Lower Elementary, by admin, October 20, 2016,

The contrarian is best defined as a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, someone who challenges or goes against the usual. For parents, it is the child who questions or challenges everything: from the rules of the household to the clothing the parent deems appropriate for weather or special occasion. It is the child who … Continue reading “The Role of the Contrarian in the Lower Elementary Classroom”